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In this baby-gear review we take a look at the Sparrow Crib by Ouef. We look at the pros, cons, price aswell as where you can buy your own Ouef Sparrow Crib!

Parents know about importance of sleep especially whether their baby is too young. So Oeuf is trying to make sure that every parent enjoy the healthy life and sleep with plenty of memories. Crib is actually a baby bed that is designed for your baby to keep him safe, relax and healthy. It’s your responsibility to find the best product according to the height of our new born.

Oeuf initialize its business roots in year 2003 by Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan from United States. They were looking for introducing classis and modern designs to attract and facilitate the parents.

Normally, a crib consist of fixed side rails and head, foot boards. However, sparrow crib by oeuf main focus on detachable parts and multipurpose. You can remove these rails and can use Oeuf classic crib as a toddler bed.

Oeuf basis marketing niche is linked with baby’s accessories. Including crib they are also selling mattresses, toys and clothes for kids. In spite of limited colors and high price ranges Oeuf products are very popular among parents and families. Starting prices of Oeuf cribs are from $800-900 because of birch wood material. Natural colors are obtained by Oeuf for rails and dressers of crib is made up of material named as MDF.

Sparrow classic crib basic package consist of only head and foot board with rails. However if you are looking for kids dressers, you have to pay extra charges for them that reaches up to $350. Colors available in Sparrow crib by Oeuf are charcoal, petal/pink. In the last few years, they have been focusing on expanding of their clothing line that’s why new updates about cribs are not introduced.

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Pros of Sparrow Crib by Oeuf

  1. Safety

If your baby is sleeping on the bed, there are always chance of fall. So fear of baby falling while changing sides on bed stays along with the parent. Cribs remove this fear by adding side rails. But safety concern increase after addition of rails. Because kids trying to escape from the rails and they are not strong enough they could get hurt.

Sparrow crib by Ouef are strong and rails are at normal height so baby would be safe inside them and can escape without hurting. Wood used as a material is nontoxic, free of VOC and non-absorbable of water make the material hazards free and healthy for your children. Furthermore, products from Ouef are certified by Green Guard Gold so trust sustain on customer is prolong and persisting.

  1. Bed Convertible

If you are looking for a product that can move along for at least 10 to 15 years for your kids, sparrow crib will be the demanding choice because of its multi-purposes. Yes, multi-purpose means that crib can be used for newborn plus toddler too. Due to the removable side rails and detachable boards, this is now possible with the same price range.

Bed convertible means that by removing side rails and placing head and foot boards, you can use Sparrow crib as a bed also. A normal bed size offered by Oeuf is 54.25’’ in width, 30.25’’ in length and 36’’ in height. Medical matric, non-toxic material and standard size of bed makes it important. However, returnable policy is not compromising so check and confirm about size before ordering the product.

  1. Comfortable

Wide space availability, interior look, stylish designs and eye-catching color make Sparrow Crib worth-keeping. Side rails are thin and airy spindles makes your baby lively, happy and comfortable. Interior designs offered by Ouef is favorite among customers from ages that can been reassured by reviews!

Mattress designed by Ouef is also placed in crib that is soft, relaxing and comfortable that allow your kid to have fun before sleep. But extra charges of mattresses also apply. In short, it’s worthy but only affordable if your income is enough and you can manage the extra expenses. Product is free of any lead material, so in case you baby has habit of licking, there would be no critical damages exist.

  1. Durable Material

Parents always search for a safe and sound product. Many customers reviewed Ouef crib for its durability and prolonged use. So you are looking for quality not price, you must choose this crib. You will not regret after using it. Solid birch and Baltic birch wood use in the crib increase its durability and extend the life-time period of the product. Along with quality, shipping rate is also very fast so people love to order and use Ouef Products.

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  1. Classic Look

Oeuf sparrow design most eye-watering and marvelous cribs with higher price ranges. For a person who can afford Sparrow crib by Ouef, this is the best luxury choice for crib that one can have. These products are staggeringly stunning and shows the hand work of craftsmanship. Although they are expensive, but they are gorgeous and best in quality.

Those customers who are exploring crib industry and looking for well design and properly functioned, Sparrow Crib by Oeuf is the first and best option. Birch wood material reveal its worth on the first look. Impeccable look, easy to use and safety features add the dignity of the product.

  1. Outstanding Colors and Reviews

Sparrow crib by Oeuf are available in many classic and versatile color like slate and petal. Reason behind these classic colors is the wood used. Walnut, birch and white wood is used as a material that up bring the natural finishing. If any funky color is painted on that wood, it would be consist of lead or any other chemical that’s not safe for your kido. That’s why they compromise on colors variety but not on kid’s safety and quality of product.

  1. Easy to Setup

In today’s era, people suggest and go for those products that are easy to handle, understand and setup. Same in this case about purchasing the Sparrow crib by Oeuf, it is very easy to setup.

Rail and dressers are easy to place and you can also hang different toys of your baby so he can play with them while spending more time in the crib. So if you are easy going parent and looking for worth-seeing crib, go and purchase sparrow crib by Ouef.

Another additional feature after setup is its wide space so more than one kid can stay, play and sleep in that crib so two in one will be definitely beneficial for every parent. But more toddlers cannot adjust on single bed.

Here is what you can expect from the Ouef Sparrow Crib!

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Cons of Sparrow Crib by Oeuf

Difficult to move

As they are larger in size, so cover more space of your room. Due to their heavy size, it’s very difficult to move them from one room to another. Wood also weighs more than plastic, so a normal person cannot drag this crib to shift or readjust its position. Although, it’s a drawback that can be compromised and manageable.

High Prices

A huge flaw that is noticed by everyone and that limited the market sale of Ouef product is their higher prices. A normal crib if ordered without any dresser and mattress is ranges from $900 and if you are looking for dressers and convertible kit also, you budget will approaches to 1500 or 2000 dollars.

So an average person could not afford Ouef product either garments, mattress, cribs or any other accessory. But people who are fond of their products cannot quit them. Some customers buy second hand products of Ouef and enjoy the product sustainability.

Extra space for Conversion Kit

Another disadvantage o sparrow crib by Ouef is wide covering of area. So if you have to buy crib, first you have to arrange the space or room then u can place it. A permanent occupied place sometime trouble the parents while adjusting. Almost a bed size free space is required. An extra plenty is space needed by conversion kit like head and foot boards. You have to place them somewhere, then place and replace with the rails would be a hectic tasks too. 

Heavy Size

As it is made of wood. So all above cons are actually results of heavy size and material. It weighs 74-75 pounds and batteries are required. A eye-catching package is convertible kit is now available along the normal bed so although size will increase but more as the advantages.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy the Sparrow Crib is Amazon. Why? Because they have the best prices and deliver the fastest!

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Conclusion of the Sparrow crib by Oeuf

In the discussion, it’s satisfied that if your budget is high enough and you can afford the Ouef product then Sparrow crib will be the best option in crib designs and quality. Classic designs, covers and crafts make this product stylish and beautiful.

Its removable feature again help the parents so they can use it as a bed and crib for long time. In short, it’s a one-time investment. But if you cannot afford them and looking for funky color and small size, you must try something else rather Ouef. No other material is available and additional charges apply on every new accessory even for the dresser.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Sparrow Crib By Oeuf Review!

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