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Graco extend2fit vs Chicco Nextfit which stroller will be the best for you? We will go over pros, cons, price and where to buy your very own!

Do you have kids and you are looking for best suggestions about car seats to carry your kid along with you for a ride? Graco 4ever and Chicco are two brands that are working in now-a-day to design classic and advanced featured car seats for toddlers and newborns.

Their manufactured car seat kit can be convertible into toddler seat and vice versa. Extra features offered by both of these brands made them popular among customers. Graco extend2fit and Chicco Nextfit both are producers of versatile car seat designs for all kids.

These companies were working in the market for years and achieved their name while regarding product and quality. Graco extend2fit car seats consist of additional four features with all ordinary functionalities.

The seat can be adjustable at rear-facing, front-facing. Extra legs and extensions are provided with the product package that increases the safety of the baby.

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The harness is installed only for the first time. After its installation, you don’t need to remove it even when adjusting the recline and front/back face of the chair.

Chicco Nextfit is an Italian brand that is dealing with all kid accessories in their stores. They sell baby car seats, strollers, their additional parts, baby feeding equipment, high chairs, travel accessories, play yards, and many more.

You can purchase this product from Chicco official website or by order on amazon if you are living far away to approach. There is a slight difference between both companies’ sales rate. A casual Graco 4ever extend2fit is available in the market at $350, and Chicco sells its car seats starting from $250.

In features, Graco extend2fit can lift to 120 lbs. It gives extra leg rooms for attachment of extension panel along with the shipment. The seat can be transferable in any position without changing the harness while Chicco Nextfit can only lift 40-65 lbs.

Weight, including forward-facing. An additional feature of Chicco’s car seat is the availability of nine recline positions. Both brand seat covers are washable. Seats consist of Latch connectors and seat belt lock system. Both companies’ car seats are easy to install and configure.

Pros of Graco Extended2fit

  1. Multiple Features & Functions

Numerous features include front-facing, rear-facing, cup holders, a harness system, two-way installation, recline angles variety, extra legroom for toddlers, and InRight Latch system for configuration.

If we compare Graco 4ever vs Chicco Nextfit, additional and Graco Extend2fit introduces user-friendly features while Chicco next2fit start designing car seats in 2003, so they are lagging behind Graco product.

Graco allows you to set the positioning of your baby in either direction, front or rear. Graphic manual placed on the sides of Graco extend2fit car seats helps the customers during installation and positioning.

The seat belt avoids accidents and crashes. You can put a water bottle, beverage, or any edible items in the cupholder. So Graco car seats are the best option to go with for features.

  1. Easy to install and configure

Graco extend2fit is a convertible seat that can use by kids and toddlers so they can be beneficial in the long run of a parent’s life. There are two ways to install the extend2fit featured car seats in your vehicles.

The easy one is to set up through seat belt. Set your recline angle in any direction and connect the extend2fit with seat belts. You can check the manual book for further guidance

A little complicated and logical way to configure the car seats is through the InRight Latch system. This installation method increases safety measures for your child. But do not use both procedures because they are not designed to configure this way.

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  1. Durability

Everyone wants to invest his money in a product that is durable and best for himself. In the case of car seat purchasing, there are various brands like Graco 4ever, Chicco, Britax, Primo Viaggio, safety first alpha that are working on the construction of beautiful, quality car seats.

One of the most International recognized brands is Graco due to a balance maintained between quality, features, and prices.

Graco seats can be used for newborns, young child and toddlers too. This conversion prolongs the use of a product. That’s why durability is the prime factor to look. According to customer reviews, Graco 4ever extend2fit giving very satisfactory results related to quality measures. Plastic material and paint quality is reliable and trusted.

  1. Safety

The safety of kids is the leading priority for parents. Graco secure lock-off belt system ensures the immunity of children from getting hurt. Rigid Latch grips the seat and avoids any harms. Moreover, Products of Graco comply with US safety rules and different crashes tests to make baby gears appropriate for every kid and toddler.

Hope you’re enjoying this comparison of the Graco extend2fit and Chicco Nextfit!

Here’s a video review of the Graco, check it out!

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Cons of Graco Extended2fit

  1. High Prices

Price is a significant factor that assures either to buy a product or not. As comparing Graco 4ever extend2fit vs Chicco next2fit on prices, Graco car seats are slightly expensive than Chicco’s. A convertible car seat of Graco starts from $300-500, while Chicco manages its price from $250-350. So if you are looking for cheaper baby gear, this is a con of Graco, but with all its features, costs can be comprised.

  1. Limitation for Car

Another disadvantage of Graco Car seats is their limitation of use. They can only use in the car so investing handsome amount on a gear that cannot be used anywhere else make customer thinks that either to buy or not.

Graco is working on updates to design such seats that will be suitable and adaptable in airplanes too. If it works, it will be a life-changing achievement. But for now, it’s a flaw that is not resolved yet.

  1. Work as a single-seat only

In spite of multiple features, at a time Graco 4ever extend2fit can use by one kid.

The sitting area of the chair is exclusively designed for one kid or toddler, so if you have 2-3 kids, you have to buy the same amount of seats that are not economical and affordable. Up till now, no such seats have been designed to support multiple kids handling.

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Pros of Chicco Nextfit

  1. Easy to install and use

Chicco Nextfit car seats are eye-catching and beautifully designed. Its super Cinch belts facilitate in installation. Customers admire easy and comfortable padding placed in their car seats. In spite of lacking in additional features, Chicco Nextfit is easy to understand and handle. A simple non-rethread harness increases its worth.

  1. Attractive and reasonable price

Chicco Italian brand is working in the market for more than thirty years. They’re famous in the market for strollers and car seat productions. One of the leading pro that values are their low prices.

They are available at $250 with the same features as other brands are offering. Their convertible features are updating day by day, and they are coming in different versions like zip, max, etc. with the small difference in price. So it’s the best product choice for an average living person.

  1. Safe and secure(Best head crash test)

Chicco Nextfit tries different crash tests before launching the product. During their crash test, they used chest and head sensors for dummy and passed with rising results.

Although Chicco product is suffering from competitions with other brands, they are still working on their belts, Latch system, and other features. Their belt is slightly harder to manage. But overall, this product is useable for those who cannot afford other brands.

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Cons of Chicco Nextfit

  1. Hard to unlink the fabric

When you are looking for some cheaper baby gear, you have to compromise on certain factors. On factor to compromise in Chicco Nextfit is its lower quality fabric. It is very sticky to the seat and very hard to remove. Its material has no sharp edge and made up of Nylon that is resistant to water-absorption and flimsy.

  1. Less padding

If we compare Graco 4ever extend2fit vs Chicco Next2fit, both have 9-positions, sturdy belt, and locks. Fabric covers, but the stuffing in the Graco is far better than Chicco seats. Graco seats are protective and fully padded with a soft booster, so your child stays comfortable and enjoys the trip. However, Chicco padding is also not inadequate but slightly lower for Graco customers.

  1. Heavy Weight

Chicco Nextfit car seats weigh more than Graco extend2fit. Both of the products have front & rear-facing, Latch system, belts, harness, dense padding. Graco with the additional feature of convertibility, cup holders, extra kit, Graco weighs from 65-120 lbs. maximum. However, Chicco Car seat weight about 30-50 pounds. With a single seat. That makes a difference. But still, Chicco Nextfit is far better than many other products.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy your baby carseat is Amazon. Why? Because they have the best prices and deliver the fastest!

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Conclusion of Graco extend2fit vs Chicco Nextfit

Now that we’re done comparing the Chicco Nextfit and Graco extend2fit, it’s time for the conclusion!

From my point of view, Graco extend2fit is better in quality as compared with Chicco Next2fit. But it will be expensive to purchase. Although, Chicco is offering its Sport, zip, zip air, and Max versions i.e., covering all features of Graco but available at a lower price.

So it is far worthy for those who cannot afford an expensive car seat for their child. In short, one is good in quality, and the other is cheaper and multi-featured, too, with a small price. So go ahead and choose the product that suits you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Graco extend2fit vs Chicco Nextfit comparison!

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