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In this review we will be going over the Bloom Fresco High Chair Rose Gold. We will talk about pros, con, price and where to buy.

Bloom was specially created to solve parenting problems by providing parents with modernizing tools like bloom fresco high chairs, beds, cribs, bouncers and many packages related to babies’ growth.

Their main target is to achieve a high
comfort level for parents and their children with stylish, lavishing innovations and developments. Bloom fresco high chairs help the guardian to uplift the children with suitable adjustments.

Fresco high chairs from Bloom’s products are available in many colors like white, gold, black and grey etc. Their products are exclusive because they are adjustable at three positioning levels and make it modifiable for newborn to an eight-year-old child. Its aluminum safety bar confirms security measures of your child and protects him from down falling.

The best part about this aluminum bar is its removable click to adjust in and adjust out. It helps your baby in stabilizing and easy movements by keeping their foot on it.

Bloom fresco high chair also consists of the plastic detachable and movable tray that helps the infant in eating and playing. It can be released away by a single button on any height level, which is the critical feature in Bloom’s high chairs.

Apart from the product, extra accessories can also be purchased from their store or website depending on requirements and safety measures like matters, pads, wipes etc. for cleanup.

As every product has pros and cons, so there are many pros and cons of Bloom fresco high chairs, but comparatively, pros are larger than cons. That’s why these products attract a massive amount of customers and win their heart with their excellent quality and advantages.

This brand is started by three dads that learn from their experiences and initiate a step to give relaxation to all other parents from their sufferings. Few of the attributes and drawbacks of these chairs are discussed below.

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Pros of Bloom fresco high chair

  1. Satisfactory for newborns

In many of the bloom fresco high chair rose gold reviews, buyers and customers admit that these high chairs are very comfortable for them and their children. Safety pads for newborns with adjustable belts help you to carry your baby securely. Bloom safety precautions and soft sitting material declared them unique and satisfactory for their clients.

All the following features make fresco chrome high chairs long-lasting, attractive, stunning and easy to use the product for all ages.

  1. Durable

Another reason to choose Bloom’s high chair is its durability. They are costly and high rated, but they worth this money. This high chair’s three-level positioning system provides parenting with an opportunity to use them for a long time. For newborns, height is kept low and elevated as kids grow. In this way, they are sustainable to environmental conditions and stay for an extended period. This feature persuades the customer to buy the product even by spending many dollars.

  1. Three-level positioning

You can lift the high chair of Bloom to 104cm and lower at minimum 93cm, so it will be elementary to fix its position at a certain height. There is footrest also available along with three specific positions that help your infant to manage his balance depending upon his age level.

For example, first positioning level fits for newborn, second-level suits to a child of 3-4 year of age and third-level suits to younger children that can sit or rotate the chair. These chairs can also be used along with dining tables for stylish looks.

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  1. Stylish and attractive designs

Parents who are focusing on interior matched designs will be happy to visit Bloom fresco store. They design products while understanding the demands of the modern world. They are the one who has been achieved many awards on their versatile designs. Along with the attractive designs, their style and comfortable seat increase their worth for the customer.

These chairs are smaller in size as compared with the casual chairs, so they can be placed anywhere to sound cool. They cover a small area and easily movable from one space to another. Some customers buy these chairs for their kitchen for decoration.

  1. Large availability of colors

Products at Bloom store are popular among buyers, and a wide variety of colors is its main reason. Each product is available in many color, designs and arts. Blooms introduce funky color combinations for the high chair first time.

It caught the viewer towards the accessories and made them adorable for purchases. Bloom fresco high chair rose gold is also available in black, blue, grey, dark grey, pink, red, blue, yellow and white color too. The desired color can be obtained by requesting the retailer.

  1. High range of sitting area

Availability of wide sitting area of the chair makes it easy for children to move in any direction openly. It helps them to eat and play while rotating the chair at 360 degrees. Seat covers are also available in stores, but it depends upon your budget because it charges extra amount. If your child is at least 3 to 4 year old, then you have to need seat covers; otherwise, there is no need for newborns.

  1. Two trays options with positioning

Bloom fresco chairs are manufactured along with two detachable trays that vary in size. The large-sized tray is mostly used as drawing, writing, reading front desk for kids. Some parents used this large-sized tray for weaning and feeding their children while the small tray is attached to the chair when their kids are playing with toys. Both of these trays are removable, so they are washed after use of edible goods on them.

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  1. Security belts and safety bar

A best and more expected portion of the fresco high chair is its safety harness. Along 3 point harness, it includes safety bar and footrests. They add advantage to the Bloom’s high chair kit purchasing rate. For parents, safety requirement is at the top for their children, especially of low age. So if you are looking for all in one package for a high chair, we highly recommended buying from Bloom’s store or website but only if you can afford it.

  1. Foldable and easy to carry

Although not all the high chairs are foldable if you have small space, folded version of a high chair is also found in Bloom’s stores. The major benefit of such high chair is they can be packed and can port while travelling.

A foldable version of highchair can also carry at the picnic spot. So if you are looking for some foldable high chair, make sure to check the product and confirms either product meet your desires or not.

Overall, there are more pros rather than cons of Bloom fresco products, either a high chair or other accessories. So if you are looking for some quality branch, choose them.

Here’s a video demo of the Bloom Fresco High Chair!

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Cons of Bloom fresco high chair

  1. Heavy

Bloom fresco high chair rose gold reviews are mostly negative regarding substantial volumes. As for accessories increases, the size also increased. Because of the aluminum safety set and plastics material along with the height, these high chairs weigh more than the regular chairs. So if someone needs to purchase a moveable high chair, they avoid buying bloom product due to large size.

  1. Very Expensive and Costly

As Bloom provides high-quality products of kids to parents that make them comfortable while nourishing their newborn. But being a valuable brand, they cost high prices starts from 600 to 700 dollars. A regular casual high chair is available in 599 dollars and ends at $1000.

All extra kits and equipment’s related to the chair can be bought from the store that is available at different rates. An average living person cannot afford these chairs, so the market is limited because of higher costs.

  1. No-wheels & high tray

Bloom’s high chair doesn’t have any wheels along with them. So these chairs are fixed and cannot move from one place to another. Another major issue raised by the customer is Bloom’s high chair high tray. Height of tray makes it problematic to use for kids. Sometimes, tray detaches or works improperly while fixing. So all these cons overall restrain the clients from buying high chair of bloom fresco.

  1. Plastic material

High chairs of Bloom fresco are made up of PVC and plastic material overall, which make them less durable. If there are not properly used, they are higher chances of their damages. Belts are loosed after a specific duration, and if that safety belt opens, there are high chances of baby’s fall. So, proper care must be followed to longer their existence.

  1. Discoloring of chair

Another issue is discoloring of material from the chair. After the warranty period, many customers claim that the chair’s color starts fading or removing from different areas. In this way, those customers who bought the second-hand high chairs cannot maintain the good looks of the product, and discoloring makes the chair dull and ugly. So this is a drawback that can affect the product and customer at the same time.


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  1. Solid and Hard

The material used in Bloom’s high chairs is rigid and hard, especially for newborns. Many updates are in the pipeline to fix these issues. So customers are waiting for the useful outputs in the response of such reviews. The rigidity of Bloom’s high chairs makes it harder to adjust its position, and harder material sometimes hurts the soft skin of newborns.

Where to buy

The best place to buy the Bloom Fresco High Chair is Amazon. Why? Because they have the best prices and deliver the fastest!

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Conclusion of the Bloom Fresco High Chair Rose Gold Review

In conclusion, every product has its white and dark ends, but eventually, if white ends are brighter then darker ends, holes can be ignored. This concept is as genuine in Bloom high chairs as although they have a drawback, but they are comprisable. Hopefully, all these cons will be fixed soon, and clients will be fully satisfied with Bloom’s products.

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