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In this article we will be reviewing the Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double Stroller. We will take a look at the pros, cons, pricing and where to buy one!

If someone told you about a stroller that is reasonably affordable, stylish by look, a classic by use, can carry two to three kids easily and has extended life, would you believe them?

But yes, it’s true. Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double stroller is super-flexible and easy to handle. Its royal look, large capacity, and lightweight make this product remarkable. Customers support the baby jogger brand due to its strollers, home accessories, Travel equipment, and car seats related goods.

Strollers by baby joggers are classified into two fields, one as city select and second as city mini. In city select class, more volume is designed so more than one kids can adjust in it and make your travel easy with its multiple configuration feature.

City select lux transformable stroller that can convert from single stroller wagon to double helps you in your family growth period. It is convenient and efficient for kids riding with at least twenty different easy to setup configurations.

An Amazing Stroller!

It can be used as a single stroller, double stroller, bench seat with straightforward modification, and even as a car seat for more than one kid. So this product is the best replacement for the baby wagon, car seat, and pram too. Another desired feature of  Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double stroller is folding that makes it possible to port the wagon from one place to another easily.

Wheels and hand brakes designs of this product are user-friendly and comfortable, and the automatic lock system adds more worth and value to it. Colors available of this stroller are black, grey, blue, dark red and dark grey.

The height of the handle is slightly higher for 5 feet heightened person but perfect to 6 feet. The material used in the Lux stroller is a soft fabric that provides a comfortable journey to your kid. Many customers demanded to lower the handle height and increase the distance between two adjacent seats because they are facing problem while carrying and folding of city lux stroller during their rid. UV 50+ sun canopy works as a shield from sunburn.

All-wheel suspensions, upgraded fabric and foam, child tray, parent console, glide board, shopping tote, deceleration placed on hand-brake, pram kit, bench seat, eye-catching color, auto-lock, easy fold, twenty configuration, bench seat, availability of cup-holders, decrement of 30% in folding and lower cost range make this product a bumper prize for average income parents. This up-gradation of city select’s prices start from $ 500-$600.

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Configuration of Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double stroller

The significant difference between Lux city and other competitor products is its double transformation, reasonable price, and twenty different uncomplicated configurations. Your baby can sleep while shopping, lay down, and you can let your twins stay and enjoy depending on their mood swings. The stroller can convert into the trunk with a fast-fold within seconds.

City lux stroller’s seats come in six fabric colors, which are natural and provide open air to your little companion. Baby jogger updates its stroller for toddlers too. It consists of a bench seat that is only consistent and adaptable with City Lux product and can bear the weight of a child up to 55-65 lbs.

Your toddler feels stable because of the attached footrest. It is positioned accurately so your young child can hold the stroller and move in and out by itself. Lux is the only stroller in the market that gives you an opportunity to keep three children with one stroller wagon. 

Hope you’re enjoying this Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double Stroller review!

Pros of Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double stroller

  1. Attractive Designs

According to a phrase, the first expression as the last expression completely fits in this condition. Besides heavy and bulky storage capacity, designer of baby joggers tried their best to construct an impressive exterior look, so the customer feels confident while carrying the product anywhere and anytime. Additionally, comfort level is composited with a soft and smooth fabric that makes your ride a savor.

Baby jogger introduces simple, rapid fold and new sales on the City Lux strollers regularly. Stroller 30% smaller fold and automatic lock activated by a single handle lift and prepare the parents to head towards a long journey. While designing the handle of the stroller, architects of this product consider the height of every age.

Taller parents appreciate their trip while handling the telescopes. So presently, this product is rated as five stars and admired by parents.

  1. Storage and easy to maneuver

Large space means more room to cover baby’s products. For example, baby jogger city lux allows you to carry your 3-4 kids, different holders to place their accessories like feeder, glass, water bottle, etc. Similarly, shopping bags can also hang along its side. Lux stroller can lift the weight of 10lbs and helps you to move confidently while shopping.

The presence of pram and higher quality suspension wheels make your ride nicer and smoother. Basement attachments and extra luggage can be removed or attached easily by using buttons.

Here’s a quick videos review, check it out!

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  1. Multiple Functionality

Baby jogger is working on the city lux luxurious strollers and updating them based on functionalities and features. Associated second seat remodels your stroller into a double walker wagon.

Each seat of the wagon lift child weight up to 40-45 pounds and linked with seat harness that stable the kids during the ride. Seat setup can be arranged as siblings facing, back facing toward parents or front-facing. It all depends upon your mood and choice.

If you are planning a visit to some resort or beach, you can use UV 50+ canopy to shade your baby. And this canopy can be removed if your baby wants to enjoy the sunbath. So city lux stroller provides you free hand in every function so you can arrange the stroller at your comfortable pinpoint.

Additionally, two shoulder straps that combine collectively into a lock and five-point harness are soft padded. Lux is an updated version of all previous stroller versions.

  1. Cup holder and Front Pocket

A packed box consists of a stroller and second seat with all other brackets to mount. Along with all related goods, the cup holder and the front pocket is also attached with the stroller that gives you the volume to keep your mobile phone, any rolled storybook, water bottle, beverage or any baby’s toy.

Twenty plus positions can arrange by adjusting the seats. In short, these extra gears on the sides of the stroller increases their features. 

  1. Affordable Prices and long-lasting

All in one product i.e., City Lux Double Stroller by Baby Jogger, is a package that eliminates the need for prom, crib, extra stroller. Its price ranges start from $500 to $600, and sales are also announced on the Baby Jogger website.

If you are interested in buying a stroller, we suggest you buy City Lux so it will remain useable for a long time even after the birth of your second or third baby.

So invest once and enjoy for a long time, including a 1-year product warranty. If you cannot afford this double seat walker wagon, you can check single City strollers along with lower prices.

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Cons of Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double stroller

  1. Not fixed when folded

The first con I need to discuss is its movability after folding. There is no other stand with the product through which you can hold this gear after folding. So you have to carry along your journey if you are not using it.

  1. No accessories for an extra seat

There is another drawback you can say that no accessories attached like a cup handler, pocket, etc. with the extra seat. You can buy a particular attachment bar to lower the first seat and raise the second. It will create more room for your baby to move and look around. That extra bar will charge an additional $20. If you are interested, you can buy on from the Baby Jogger official website.

  1. Problem to move on a sandy area

Wheel suspension becomes hard to move on sandy places like beaches. So maneuverability on beaches and the muddy regions becomes a tough task.

Customers reviewed the size of that front wheel is smaller than the rear wheels that make it stable, but they demand extra rubber over the wheel. Because air doesn’t pass through the wheel, so they create noisy sounds while moving that irritates the family member.

  1. Height of handle

The handle of the stroller that is grabbed to continue the ride is an integral part of the wagon. But its ordinary height is larger than 6 feet that cause a problem for a person with small height to level along with the walker.

So customers demand an adjustable handle that can be position according to the height, and mobility will be easy to carry.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy the Baby Jogger City Lux is Amazon, why because they have the best prices and fastest delivery!

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All features of City Lux and positioning features make this product high-impartible and easy to use. Instant folding and soft fabric used in the seat comfort you kid during the ride.

I loved this product overall because of the company worth our money. Although limitations are present in every product. Baby Jogger also working on improvements so you will get better updates in the future too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double Stroller Review!

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